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's dedicated to minimizing its impact on the environment while teaching students about sustainability. >> the more we can create a model of, you know, this kind of living, you know, that ethic seeps into our culture at the school. >> reporter: they were installing programmable thermostats and replacing all the lights with cfls. in 2008 they installed a solar panel system of more than 2300 panels that offsets about 85% of the electrical bill. in the cafeteria, bins are labeled and every day the waste is taken for composting. >> we come down and we pour it in the bins and then we add water and manure and then some straw on top and we wait. >> we have kind of our sink dishwashing station. >> reporter: but the hub of the school sustainability program is its garden, an acre of land with garden beds, lemon trees an outdoor kitchen and chickens. >> it's nice to have all these things because we can really learn about how to keep the environment safe. >> reporter: by planting the food, they're learning about healthy eating. >> you planted the plant in the winter and then it grows in the spring
that are more adapted to those environments to succeed. >> reporter: if you think it's just a central valley problem, think again. >> large dust cloud -- >> reporter: in december 1977, california was in the middle of a major drought. strong winds near bakersfield scoured the topsoil creating a huge dust storm. it shut down highways, top tom delay utility towers, damaged property and killed livestock, tolled utility towers. it spread hundreds of miles as far as sacramento. >> that topsoil came here and dumped everywhere. >> reporter: in that topsoil, valley fever spores. dr. flynn was on duty at a sacramento hospital. >> we experienced several hundred case of cocci here in sacramento from that dust storm. >> it killed 6. and spores can now be found in chico and redding. as for lauer -- >> something in the air. >> reporter: all it takes is a gust of wind. sharon chin, kpix 5. >> a few cases of valley fever were reported in the bay area in the 1970s. the symptoms are pretty common, similar to a cold or flu. sometimes they include a rash. >>> bye-bye barge. the mysterious google barge is leavin
supported a vote of no confidence in the presence pal saying she had created a toxic environment. >>> family, friends and classmates are mourning the death of a 14-year-old hit by a train in martinez. messages, flowers and a pink soccer ball were left at the scene where a freight train hit 14-year-old jenna betti. the eighth grade athlete was walking along the tracks with a friend when they saw the train they got out of the way but jenna went back apparently to pick up her cell phone. >> i really can't put it into words. to be honest with you. it's really hard. you know, on a personal level. >> in every class that she was in, there was a box that you could write letters or notes to her and it was sitting at her desk. >> some students are wearing pink at the school because that was her favorite color. >>> a number of developments this morning on the crisis in the ukraine where the temporary government is struggling now to deal with a russian military invasion there. today the u.s. secretary of state john kerry headed over to the capital of kiev to show support for ukraine's new leadership. ru
of no confidence in the principal saying she had created a fox education environment. >>> some developing news in the lake tahoe area. a woman is dead and a pilot has some credit 8:00 injuries after a plane crashed near truckee and happened yesterday morning as that plane was traveling from santa ana. kpix 5's cate caugurian in our newsroom now with what we know about that accident so far. cate? >> reporter: frank, investigators welcome back on the -- will be back on the scene trying the figure out what caused the small plane to crash. meanwhile its pilot is recovering in the hospital this morning. an faa spokesperson said the plane crashed in the snowy northern california mountains yesterday. the pilot was identified as 70- year-old ray farnell. he was taken to a hospital in reno. his 55-year-old wife darla was pronounced dead at the scene. they are from tahoe city. their plane crashed six miles southeast from truckee's tahoe airport. it was a chp pilot who spotted the plane wreckage. >> the plane was sitting in a bed of snow. the left wing was torn off. most of the rest of the plane was inta
of no confidence in the principal saying she had created a toxic environment. >>> and now the very latest developments on the crisis in the ukraine where the temporary government is struggling to deal with a russian military invasion there. u.s. secretary of state that's john kerry has just arrived at the capital of kiev for a five hour show of support for the fledging ukraine government. russia's military tightened its grip and meanwhile on the peninsula, an estimated 16,000 troops in the region there. president obama calls the russian invasion a violation of international law. last night he met with top advisers at the white house situation room to discuss options now moving forward. meanwhile, people from that part of the world now living here in the bay area and the silicon valley have mixed feelings ability the situation. kpix 5's kiet do live at stanford university with reaction. >> reporter: russians and ukrainians we spoke to from san francisco all the way down here to the south bay say this is a complicated issue. there's a thriving community of russians especially in san francis
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)